Sunny Hill

Life Engagement

The Sunny Hill Life Engagement Department is a very busy place, organizing and presenting multiple, fun, resident focused, activities each month! Information regarding all events is posted prominently on each Avenue and reflected in the Activity Calendar. Life Engagement staff are assigned to each Avenue and assist with coordinating meaningful and engaging activities for each resident of the unit, whether on an individual basis or in group sessions. Assessing and determining individual person-centered approaches and sharing this information in the “All About Me” information sheets is available for all staff to reference to assist with the delivery of individualized resident care. Activities are organized throughout the facility and are provided daily, including weekends.

Activities at Sunny Hill

Typical Activities:

  • Musical Presentations
  • Live Musical Entertainment & Performances
  • Religious and Rosary Services
  • Games (including BINGO)
  • Pet Visits
  • Holiday and Special Themed Event Parties
  • Active Games (bowling, horseshoes, ball toss, etc.)
  • Discussion Groups
  • Book Club
  • Bridge Club
  • Movies
  • Monthly Birthday Parties
  • Trips to Community Restaurants & Events
  • “You’ve Got Mail” Computer Lab
  • Hand Spa
  • Beading
  • Senior Scholars
  • Gardening Club
  • Health & Wellness
  • Virtual Visits
  • Spelling Bee
  • Baking

Resident Interview Committee

Sunny Hill Nursing Home resident interview committee has been in existence for more than fifteen years and is still going strong. The committee is a group of residents who participate with interviewing staff during the hiring process and ultimately have the final say as to whether eligible candidates are hired or not. Sunny Hill is the resident’s home and as such residents ultimately make the decisions when it comes to selecting staff they want working in their home and rendering care to them. Therefore, a panel of seven residents conduct a very person-centered interview with potential candidates and are available as a group to interview on a Tuesday and Thursday

Resident Council

Resident Council is a forum that is both interactive and informal and belongs exclusively to all residents. Residents are invited to this monthly meeting, typically occurring on the 4th Thursday of each month. This meeting provides an opportunity and platform to meet and welcome new residents, learn about upcoming events, make suggestions, and provide feedback. The meeting is conducted by officers elected yearly by the residents.

Resident councils share the same purposes:

  • to give residents greater participation in affairs within the facility
  • to give residents a forum for discussion of concerns within the facility
  • to be a line of communication between residents and staff; and
  • to serve as an overall informational forum.

Food Council

“Residents in long-term care require access to healthy food with high-quality nutrition”. Food Council meeting is held monthly to help plan, review, and revise the menu and bring residents’ suggestions to the dietary department’s attention. Residents suggest menu changes, provide feedback, and elect a meal of the month.

Van Trips

Sunny Hill Nursing Home owns and operates a 14 seat, wheelchair accessible van. In addition to the 14 passenger seats, space allows for three wheelchairs. The van makes scheduled trips to community and various holiday events, concerts, plays, parades, and sporting events throughout the year. Regularly scheduled trips to local restaurants are also extremely popular. The Life Engagement team assists with coordinating all van trips.

Life Engagement Department

The Life Engagement Department at Sunny Hill offers a variety of engaging programing on a daily/monthly basis which include events 365 days per year.

The following areas of wellness are included in this robust programming:

Social Wellness

Social wellness is accomplished by forging healthy relationships and connecting with those around you and developing a support system including family, friends, and relationships to help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. Sunny Hill has many physical areas that foster socialization to include:

Sweets & Treats Shoppe, Beauty Shoppe, Sunshine Room, and three state of the art outdoor patio areas, each with a special focus. The multiple games, music and fun filled parties offered enhance overall socialization.

Physical Wellness

Offerings like health and wellness exercises, yoga, hand spa, relaxation and stretching assist with maintaining and enhancing mobility and physical wellness. Lifestyle choices can assist with maintaining and improving health and fitness. A sense of physical well- being helps increase self-esteem.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is our ability to deal with, handle and adapt to stressful situations when presented. Cultivating emotional wellness and mental health is essential to happiness and navigating life’s challenges. Family connections, including out of state, family, friends, and relations are always facilitated, supported, and encouraged thru virtual means using Face Time, Google Duo, and ZOOM.

Intellectual Engagement

Keeping abreast of current affairs and daily opportunities to enhance brain health. The ability to problem solve and be engaged meaningfully while we open our minds to new ideas and experiences.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is generally considered the search for meaning and purpose in life. Religious programs are offered as well as opportunities for individual spiritual prayer and solace in the Chapel or Prayer Room.

Environmental Wellness

Personal safety and shelter are all factors that contribute to wellness. Three state of the art, specialized outdoor areas are available for gardening, enjoyment of nature, visitation, and relaxation.